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the city block on lockdown. and the montessori school is also on lockdown which is close. >> pam: how far away are you from the area? >> caller: i can see the area from here. initially, when we saw that we did hear some gun fire. >> pam: what is your understanding about how this is unfolding? >> caller: i have no idea, we first heard some cars and a news crew came. and every police officer practically in town showed up. >> pam: what have police told you or residents and business owners in the area? >> caller: we received an automatic call to stay where we were. the police presence is part of the patrol cars... and motorcycles but there are a couple of ambulances... i do know that there are no activity in or out of the montessori. >> pam: you have a business in the area how about your neighbors? >> caller: i found out from my neighbor across the street that there have been shots fired. >> pam: did police inform you that there were going to be getting back with you for an update? >> i would say that there has been an automatic call system and i've not heard anything since then. one of the o
at the scene. where tonight the lockdown. plus: teachers in alameda in district. details on what *could be alameda. now at eight. >> our department is in mourning. horrific day. we lost two exceptionally fine officers today. a deadly afternoon in santa cruz >> heard 50 to 100 shots fired. >> semi automatic and it was really really close. two officers and a suspect die in a pair of shootings. businesses and schools have been locked down for hours as swat teams make a citywide manhunt. we are following this developing story. as the manhunt now heads into the nighttime hours. kron 4's rob fladeboe is live at the scene with new reaction from police. rob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: will of an open heart it is confirmed that there have been to officers- it has been confirmed. that there is been to officers-- two officers killed from the santa cruz police department. let us show you some aerial photos with our helicopter partnership with abc seven. they were investigating reports of bisexual assault. with other officers responding after the suspect started shooting. earlier, that is w
. >>> thank you, danella. >>> a hospital in lockdown after someone opens fire. we're tracking developments at the live desk next. >>> it's a story that sparked outrage among parents. the fallout from a man accused of slapping a >>> good morning. i'm tony tull at the live desk tracking breaking news out of portland, oregon. last night at 12:30 our time, police were called to a hospital for a man with a gun. we're told the hospital was placed on lockdown. police were able to contain the gunman inside. they say that a shot rang out, the gunman is dead. but, again, that hospital in portland, oregon is still on lockdown as police there investigate what happened. as of right now, there are no other injuries. we'll continue to track the story. back to you. >>> it marks ten years since 100 people died in a rhode island nightclub fire. yesterday loved ones gathered for a memorial. the station nightclub burned to the ground in february 2003 when pyrotechnics during a show by great white caught material on fire. work for the memorial begins in the spring. >>> it morning, people in a small texas town
.i.t. is on lockdown right now. a man carrying a long rifle and wearing body armor was spotted in a campus building. m.i.t. has said in a statement recently that several law enforcement agencies have responded. the school is advising students and workers to stay indoors and report suspicious activity to campus police. we'll keep you posted with more information that will come in on the lockdown at m.i.t. >>> if you thought the fiscal cliff was bad, we are now dealing with a sequester. if you believe the warnings, next friday could be a financial doom's day. $85 billion will fall out of the federal budget on march 1. automatic cuts, unless lawmakers can strike a deficit reduction deal among the dires that food inspectors would be furloughed, bathrooms would not be cleaned at national parks and fewer air traffic controllers on the job. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago, san francisco and others could experience delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours. >> but it might not be so bad. cuts are only a small percentage of the overall budget and th
that naval base is on lockdown. two sources tell us they do not believe this is connected to the christopher dorner case. we will monitor the situation as it develops. and now, the mayor of san antonio is joining forces to combat drug violence meeting with law enforcement officials and state senators who will announce a proposal for new gun control laws in california, including legislation to close loopholes in current firearm regulations. >> vallejo police are looking for two gunman who shot three people in a home invasion this morning. it happened at scene where amy is with an update on the victims and the search for the armed men. >> the motive is the question. police say nothing inside this home indicates why this home was chosen, they say maybe it is the location. it is on the corner so one fewer neighbor to worry about. across the street, a busy street, an escape route. they hop the fence and are out of here. that could be it. police do not know what route they took in and out of the neighborhood. however, they did get away. no one has found them. >> look at the front door. you can tel
, a navy official confirms that naval base is on lockdown. two sources tell us they do not believe this is connected to the christopher dorner case. we will monitor the situation as it develops. and now, the mayor of san antonio is joining forces to combat drug violence meeting with law enforcement officials and state senators who will announce a proposal for new gun control laws in california, including legislation to close loopholes in current firearm regulations. >> vallejo police are looking for two gunman who shot three people in a home invasion this morning. it happened at scene where amy is with an update on the victims and the search for the armed men. >> the motive is the question. police say nothing inside this home indicates why this home was chosen, they say maybe it is the location. it is on the corner so one fewer neighbor to worry about. across the street, a busy street, an escape route. they hop the fence and are out of here. that could be it. police do not know what route they took in and out of the neighborhood. however, they did get away. no one has found them. >
. this lockdown the entire neighborhood. four schools, affected a large area. we were here sometime around 4:00 and here's what happened. >> police officers arrived on scene to chaos. had them ducking around cars. it started around 3:30 p.m. where police are conducting an investigation on the 800 block. mary's daughter was in the house next door and calling her mom to say she heard a barrage of gunfire. >> she heard noise, sounded like fire crackers, they were outside, and soon saw the cops and knew it was a fire crackers. the s.w.a.t. said to stay inside and they have been on the floor ever since. >> law enforcement from federal, county, state, and county swarmed the area. s.w.a.t. officers started breaking down doors for a second possible suspect. four schools went under lockdown. parents say the sound of gunfire was sickening. >> i heard another round of 40 to 50 very fast gun shots near the approximatety of the front of the school. >> the students, some as young as three, were bussed out of the crime scene. it was a tearful reunion. >> people didn't know what was happening. >> i s
police officers and one suspect are dead. a neighborhood still on edge after being on lockdown for hours. and potentially more suspects still on the loose. late developments ahead. >> a gas leak at a home near an oakland high school. leads to evacuations. details next. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> toolbato of our most beloved officers were killed in a line of duty there were to allow outwo of our most law officers were killed in the line of duty today. at 11. we're learning new details about the shooting in santa cruz that left three people dead. two of whom were police officers. the third person -- has been identified as jeremy goulet. at officers killed in the line of duty. police say -- sgt. loren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler were shot and killed as they followed up on a sexual assault investigation tuesday. and elizabeth butler. kron4's j-r stone is live out in santa cruz. where crime scene. j-r, what's the latest? >> reporter: pam, you said it right, is an active crime seem it is still an active crime scene. what was st
roads have been closed. four schools were on lockdown, but that lockdown was lifted moments ago. dorner has been pinned down for the better part of an hour and law enforcement in this remote area called for substantial backup with a so-called, bunker s.w.a.t. team seen approaching the area a few moments ago. we are in a pause now with dorner pinned down and with police seemingly waiting for more force before moving on the cabin or perhaps simply waiting him out. dorner is reportedly heavily armed and any move in his direction is dangerous. if the cnn, l.a. times report of hostages is correct, law enforcement options become limited. dorner, fires to police and police fire into that cabin if hostages are there. this could be over any second now or conceivably, it could last for days. anita and lesli, we hope to learn more with a official press conference in a matter of moments. >> we are waiting on that press conference, but as gary was telling us, this idea that there could be hostages in the cabin changed the dynamic for the law enforcement officers surrounding the cabin. let's listen i
. it happened near a house on north fransiorti avenue. the surrounding area is under lockdown. police are conducting a investigation in a very wide section of the neighborhood. kpix 5's kiet do is live there tonight with the latest details. kiet. >> reporter: the scotts valley s.w.a.t. tank has rolled up on the area. various agencies are converging on the scene. the public information officer is busy. the information is very murky at this point. we are hearing two, possibly three people shot. some of them possibly one officer we're hearing now possibly two officers injured. it looks like they are getting ready to make some sort of raid. the officers are walking around now with their assault weapons and bulletproof vests on. so it looks like some sort of activity is picking up looks like they are getting ready to do something. so as i mentioned, the pio is getting ready to do a briefing so we are going over there to get the latest information. as far as we know, somewhere between two and three people shot, up to two officers down as a result of th
district. big bear high, baldwin lane elementary, chautauqua high school, the lockdown is lifted. so, parents, you can go and pick up your children at this point. however, fallville elementary remains on lockdown. you know the area very well. is fallville elementary nearer to where this is going down, where that cabin is on seven oaks? >> absolutely. that school is in angeles oaks which is close to that situation. >> very frightening for parents. i have another follow-up question but want to report something we're getting from the san bernardino county sheriffs department here. they are confirming two officers have been airlifted to the hospital although it has not been confirmed what agency they are with. again, a multiagency effort, and you see here in our live picture, an inland valley s.w.a.t. armored vehicle rushing to the scene. chris, i want to get back to what you were saying a moment ago. you know where the cabin is. i was there. i was interviewing skiers and snowboarders. how close was that cabin to the command post? were we in the media, law enforcement literally walking b
on lockdown, kids ranging in ages from 3 to high school. they are slowly going to bring buses in and bring them to 701 ocean street the county office building and the reunion if i occasions of the kids with the parents will happen there. from what we understand, some of the shots were fired in and around the montessori school here. none of the children have been injured but parents very terrified. still an active scene here in santa cruz. back to you. >> all right, kiet do, thank you so many. a quick recap of what's happened this afternoon and this evening. >>> there was a shooting in santa cruz that started in the downtown area. these are chopper shots from earlier this afternoon. two officers were killed in that altercation, one suspect is dead. now police are going door to door in that area near branciforte avenue in santa cruz right now. as kiet mentioned, multiple schools on lockdown that neighborhood also on lockdown as multiple agencies including a s.w.a.t. team, sheriff's and police officers go door to door looking for another suspect. we hav
that the military base, the local military base is on lockdown and look at the police presence outside this hotel. point loma five or six miles south of san diego the peninsula that runs into the san diego pay and they're saying they believe a man fitting the description of christopher dorner is now holed up inside here. and back to what charlie beck was saying the police chief in los angeles he's heavily armed including assault weapons and makes him a very viable force. in his manifesto, he said you're aware i have always been the top shot, highest scoring, expert in rifle qualification, i will utilize every bit of my ordnance and survival and he has studied military intelligence and certified as an anti-terrorism officer and this guy knows what he's doing and apparently armed to the teeth, ali and we're waiting to find out if san diego police believe he's somehow barricaded inside this hotel in san diego. as we get more information we'll get back to you. >> alisyn: all right. trace, obviously things are unfolding quickly. thank you for the update we'll check back with you throughout the program
parents were upset that the building was put into lockdown for two hours before teu dents were dismissed. school leaders plan to meet today to review the situation and emergency protocol. >>> lawmakers are reviewing a set of recommendations to protect virginia students in schools. a task force presented 24 ideas to o the general assembly in richmond yesterday. among the proposals, more juvenile record sharing between schools and criminal justice officials and lockdown drills with students each semester. the task force said the controversial idea of arming security officers or principals needs more study. >> approximate we put anyone armed in the school, they have would be held-trained. i think everyone is in agreement that the -- it's not perfect but the closest remedy of that is a well-trained certified police officer or deputy sheriff in every school. >>> there will be a final report in eun. governor bob mcdonnell created the task force in response to the newtown, connecticut, shootings. >>> a crack at closing the gun show loophole. a senate committee will discuss a bill for voluntary
of southern california. the place is on lockdown, i can tell you. minutes ago there was a lockdown put on the la county detention center in downtown los angeles. a lockdown on a jail facility, somebody thought they saw mr. dorner outside the facility, the whole facility went on lockdown, they'll hold a press conference to tell us what was going on down there. we're in hollywood, at a police station here. this place is on lockdown. street is shut off. police cars on either side. this station was mentioned in that 11-page rant, that manifesto that mr. dorner put out on thursday, that we got on thursday. but substations, stations, even the headquarters for los angeles police department, extra security today across everywhere. thousands of police fanning out not only in big bear, but along roads and anywhere where there might be a sighting of mr. dorner, to check cars, shut down roads, go house to house, see if anyone has seen anything. it is an unbelievable situation out here. it started on sunday when he killed a young woman and her fiance. the young woman was the daughter of a police of
to california where a massive manhunt has the los angeles area on virtual lockdown. the lapd even putting extra security at their headquarters because the spblgt used to be one of their own. christopher dorner is wanted in multiple shootings spanning six days. the 33-year-old said he's declaring war with the lapd after losing his job. according to his late and rambling manifesto, he wants to revenge until his name is clear. he writes the violence of action will be high. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare. dorner is accused of killing a couple and shooting at two police officers killing one of them. his vehicle was found in the big bear area, so far no sign of the man police describe as armed and dangerous. nbc's stephanie stanton has more from los angeles. >> reporter: this burned out truck belonging to suspect christopher dorner was found in the mountains two miles east of los angeles. but dorner himself was nowhere to be found. >> dorner is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: dorner posted aing lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats against police
was formed after the shooting in newtown conn. some of the recommendations include lockdown drills at school, extended mental health programs and fines for a legal purchases of guns. >> a cold afternoon and evening after snow this morning, with the possibility of more snow. >> plus, we catch up withvens fans in new orleans. >> the capitals are back on the ice tonight, looking to come out of the big hole they've dug for themselves. >> aha. >> we're getting closer to super bowl sunday, as if you did not know, and the fans continue to pour into new orleans. >> brad bell is in the big easy to check out what is happening before the big match up. he joins us live from the french quarter, where as you might imagine the fans are out in force. >> the tailgating is already well underway, beginning early today. it is that kind of town. there are a lot of people here. as far as we can tell, they're having as much fun looking at each other as anything else. the purple passion is on full display in orleans. >> -- in new orleans. >> this is still unbelievable. >> she is kind of a celebrity among ravens fan
and continuing onto 395. hov in the center of the screen. lockdown is also open. no problems. good to go on 95 and 395. accidents in montgomery county, you see the flashing lights. they were blocking the ramp from northbound 355 onto the inner loop. accident on the ramp. 355 is open and the beltway is open. access between them is limited. watch for police direction. that is northbound. back to you. >> thank you. it's friday morning,. 33, >> find out how much redskins game fans will have to pay next season. >> and beyonce response to questions over lip-synching during the national anthem. >> ♪ osa can you see it ♪ >> see what else >> welcome back. our top stories. officers and officials say water levels on the patuxent river did finally start to proceed. parts of the city were evacuated after wssc opened floodgates. there were trying to ease the pressure on a nearby dam. a woman apparently drowned when floodwaters inundated a homeless camp near laurel. a former coalculpeper police officer, his conviction could be thrown out by a judge if there was jury tmisconduct. and police are looking fo
, we're told shot late this afternoon in an incident that triggered a lockdown in a santa cruz neighborhood near downtown. we have live pictures from chopper 5 from the search area near north branciforte avenue. a manhunt is under way for two suspects, one of whom was shot. it began on a house on north branciforte avenue. the surrounding area is locked down as police conduct their investigation. kpix 5's kiet do the first reporter on the scene is going to bring us the latest. i know you attended a police briefing. what do you know? >> reporter: well, there was just another briefing about 30 seconds ago where an officer came and told the parents kids at the four schools on lockdown, ranging in ages from 3 to high school age, they are going to move kids to the local county building at 701 ocean street. the kids are within the crime scene. what we understand from concerned and scared parents, some of the shootings and bullets were actually fired right in front of or behind this montessori and these kids are just terrified ages 3 to 5 and the he
of an investigation when the shooting happened. three nearby schools were put into lockdown mode as police combed that area. we talked with one concerned parent whouz daughter attends a preschool nearby. >> as i was asegsz it from across the street, i heard another round of 40 to 50 very fast gunshots near the proximity of the front of the school where our daughters are. >> at this point the sheriff's office is not yet red doi release the names ranks oar any identifying information about the officers or suspects. matt can he recall is live in santa cruz where he's been following developments for us all afternoon and evening long. matt is live now with what's happening there in santa cruz. matt. >> just in the past ten minutes this bus showed up, and we just watched as officers and dep tis escorted some of the children from a preschool in this area that was on lockdown during this whole incident. it is now just after 7:00 and these kids have been locked down, again, in montessori preschool here on branciforte for the last several hours as this investigation continues today. now, the sheriff told m
resort area in southern california is now under emergency lockdown. law still cannot find a former los angeles police officer accused of a deadly rampage. christopher dorner is suspected of killing a young couple and a police officer in riverside county. a young couple and the police officer were both killed a few days ago. the manhunt for dorner now covers three states including southern california and into mexico. there is new word of search crews also targeting an area along the san diego coast. we are in the newsroom following the trail of the accused killer. >> reporter: the latest is that county deputies continue to search a lake side home early this morning after a reported sighting of dorner but they now live that was a hoax. they are finding no sign of the man. >>> the now started falling in big bear and that and the rugged terrain could provide dorner with cover but it may also help law enforcement as they look for tracks in the snow. more than a hub hundred officers are searching for the 33-year-old former lapd officer who is considered armed and dangerous. the police chief
on lockdown. guards at every entrance. unprecedented. the trouble ban back on sunday in irvine, california, that's when cops say dorner murdered the daughter of a former police captain. the captain who represented him during disciplinary hearings. dorner shot and killed the 28-year-old woman along with her fiance as they sat in their parked car. then early this morning, riverside, california. east of los angeles, the killings continued. when dorner opened fire, according to cops, on two officers in a patrol car as those officers sat at a red light. >> a vehicle pulled up next to them, and the driver of that vehicle fired multiple rounds from a rifle. both officers were wounded. one officer, a 34-year-old man, an 11-year-old veteran of the police department is deceased. the other officer, 27-year-old officer is seriously wounded but we expect a full recovery. >> now the suspect is also believed to have shot at police in the nearby town of corunna. one officer there injured when a bullet grazed his head. the suspect dorner is a former navy reservist. reports he was dishonorably d
, all kinds of law enforcement up here in angelos national forest. this area is on lockdown. >> john, we were just hearing there that there appears to be some kind of standoff between mr. dorner and armed police officers. is that right? >> it does sound like they've got him essentially -- i don't know this for a fact but perhaps cornered. remember, in his manifesto online he said that any police was fair game, were as he put it high value targets. this could be what he was trying to do all along is to try to get into some sort of final standoff with police. also in that statement he said that self-preservation was no longer an issue, that he felt his life had ended when he was dismissed from the lapd when he lost his badge in january 2009. when you read through that long message, it has a feel of a suicide note in a lot of ways, and this i think is what -- that law enforcement officials had had long feared might have -- might be the end, and it does seem to be playing out that way, that they are now in a standoff with christopher dorner in the mountains, the snowy mountains of san bernar
a complete lockdown. >> we have to have a safe and secure border, but you have to have one where people can travel back and forth to conduct legitimate travel and trade and commerce. >> reporter: republicans insist border security first. we'll hear more on that this morning at a house judiciary committee hearing. latinos largely rejected republicans in last election, but it's unclear if that will soften conservatives. >> many are from districts where there isn't a huge amount of pressure to attack this issue right now. >> reporter: antiimmigration groups say enforcing laws already on the books would force thousands to leave the u.s. on their own. >> we think if we did that, we could easily see this problem reverse itself in a matter of years. >>> to business and tech. san francisco's bay -- will open to investors this afternoon. scott mcgrew says it's worth twice our attention. >> you get a double dose of data out of visa. not only a picture of how the company is doing, its health is going to show us how much the consumer is spending. because visa gets a cut of every transaction, so happy v
in lockdown as protesters skirmished with police. the atmosphere is one of suspense. that is why is a feeling that soon after the funeral is over tomorrow morning, the politicians really should come up with some way forward, which will probably be a whole new government, maybe with the prime minister continuing with or without the support of his party. >> thank you so very much for now. iran has dismissed an american proposal for direct talks on its disputed nuclear program. a speech to millet -- in a speech to military commanders, iran's supreme leader rejected any bilateral talks, saying the u.s. offer was an attempt to improve its poor standing in the region. >> last week at the munich security conference, the u.s. vice-president said washington was open to negotiations. the u.s. has accused tehran of seeking nuclear weapons. iran says its research program is solely for peaceful purposes. we will go to egypt now where leaders of 57 muslim nations have called for serious dialogue between syria's government and the opposition. >> capping off a two-day summit in cairo, the organization of int
invasion robbery happened. classes were going on so the school was placed on lockdown. two people are still on the loose. we spoke with the victim's family who say they are so happy that the woman so many people know as grandma is safe. >> i'm happy she is okay. >> reporter: she was home alone when masked men came in through a back door. the 81-year-old who teaches at a church thought it was a prank. she says one of them pointed a gun at her head before demanding gold and cash. when she told them there wasn't any in the house she said one man jammed the gun into her head while the other ransacked her home. >> i was praying that my son would not come in because he told me someone came in he would shoot him. >> once you have somebody putting a gun on somebody that is basically defenseless. she uses a cane. there are people that have no feelings. >> reporter: and the two men left her alone in a room. she says the two spent nearly an hour at her house. she went into the closet and called her daughter who called police. the family is saying thankfully police were able to catch a suspect, 21-year
this event is taking place at frick middle school. so far this year the school has been on lockdown twice. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: bigger than expected crowds of gun enthusiasts are flocking to the solano county fairgroundses for the first gun show on the property this year. long lines of customers showed four the first day of the two-day event. vendors are selling weapons and ammunition and other shooting and hunting gear. show organizes say new legislation being pushed by gun control advocateses creating an urgency for customers and driving more people to gun shows. >> we're concerned that some of the government people are going to take away their rights so they're loading up on ammunition and guns. this has happened before. not to this extent. it will probably happen again. >> ama: that organization has more gun shows scheduled for the same venue in april, june and jewel. >> we'll tell you what happened to a good samaritan today. >>> thousands turned tout get a chance to rub shoulder with the world champion giants. a look at fan fest when we return. >>>
to have put the area around the storm in lockdown. and we want to tell you los angeles leaders are offering million-dollar reward for the capture of christopher dorner. it is believed to be the largest ever reward ever offered. they have pitched in to help out. meanwhile, police continue to work overtime to try to protect the community and 50 officers and their families who could be targets. >> to be targeted because of what you are. to be targeted because you took an oath to protect others. to have your family targeted because they're related to you. that is absolutely terrifying. >> chief beck went on to say the reward is so large because dorner is considered a domestic terrorist. the former lapd officer is suspected of killing three people as revenge for his dismissal from the force four years ago. we'll bring you the latest developments both on air and online at inning bay >>> san francisco police are also searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting overnight. police say they responded to shots, calls of shots fired in the alamo square neighborhood near the int
danger and the school was not placed on lockdown. the stabbing happened after school let out. in the san jose, phillipe djegal, kron 4tonight, a group of more than two dozen people, stood along the sidewalk near north twenty- first street in san jose. they were all holding candles across the street from where the teen boy was killed. many of them students at san jose high school. they were quiet and were there for only about 15 minutes. the group just wanted to pay tribute to the murdered teen. >> controversy is building over the use of what the alameda county sheriff calls. "small unmanned aircraft systems". more popularly called - drones. the subject continues to spark concern locally. over privacy. the sheriff's office is expected to discuss the use of these aerial devices before the alameda county public protection committee. tomorrow. kron 4's reggie kumar joins us in studio. reggie. is there already a timetable on when will the board of supervisors might make a decision on this? >> reporter: alameda county supervisor richard valle is the chair of the public protection commitee. he
lockdown has been lifted admit at -- admit mitt after someone report seeing someone with a gun. someone told police they spotted a man carrying a rifle on campus. they did not find the reported gunman and believe the original report was a hoax. >> in the east bay, fundraiser was held at a concord gym to honor victims of gun violence. charlotte bacon was one of the victims in the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. she would have been seven years old today. all the money raised in the bay area will go to support all the victims' families. >> they're jumping, squatting, and counting their way to help. nearly 100 people packed into concord'd adventure this morning. they came with donations in hand and thoughts of the sandy hook massacre on their mind. >> when you hear about communities that might be struggling going how to a tragic event, the immediate response is, how die help? >> carol lon has a mutual friend if with the bacon family. her connection inspired her to help the victims' families, and as well as her six-year-old daughter. >> hits a very personal chord, knowing my daught
hunt is under way. there are four schools in this ar area. they're on lockdown right now including montessori and these 14 kids preschool age are still inside. there are worried parents here wondering when they will see their kids. a wide area has been blocked off with police tape and we've been joined by the sheriff's department and now the fbi is out here. we're here with the latest here in santa cruz, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >>> let's turn things over to a neighbor who says he heard all this gunshot. joining us live from santa cruz on the phone, thomas, thank you for being with us. you say you're located across from the apartment building where you heard the gunfire. tell us what you heard. >> well, i mean, i watched the cops stay posted for a while with their weapons and some movement but suddenly there were dozens of gunshots in about a six or seven second period. this seemed to be happening on the
the families who are grieving, schools were put on lockdown for a short time following the shooting and the pursuit of the suspect. terrified parents waited for word about their kids. schools were opened and parents finally allowed to pick their kids up. live at the scene, the search continues if more evidence here on north branciforte avenue where the detectives lost their lives. they are using a hook-and-ladder to light the scene and map the crime scene of exactly the details of how everything went down. it is unclear why the officers came to this home yesterday. they had business apparently with mr. goulet and we will learn more at a news conference at 11:30 at police headquarters in santa cruz. >> we are learning more about the two officers killed and the gunman's troubled past. katie marzullo? >> both officers were veterans of the police department and both leave behind families. the police chief says the department has lost two exceptionally fine officers, sergeant loran "butch" baker was with the department 28 years. detective elizabeth butler, 10 years. >> assigned to invest
been under lockdown. it's really been a reign of terror. 50 cop families with 'round-the-clock protection. we vowed not to get into a split screen situation. telling our viewers we would have the latest when the president was finished. talk about a backdrop of gun violence in the country and kind of the pall that hangs over us, post newtown and now this. two more victims today. the police deputy killed at his hand allegedly. and now the suspect himself. if the reports are correct, that, this is indeed over. and he is indeed dead. quite a night. >> we'll have a lot to talk about on both concerns in the days to come. brian, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. >> thank you. >> who is getting what and when? and how much? >> couldn't have said it better, jim. a smattering of snow here and there. exactly what we will be seeing. 42 degrees. the number in washington. and near freezing in frederick. and temperatures tomorrow. critical to your area. today, most highs in the 50s to 60 degrees. as far as numbers go. we are watching that, those numbers go down tonight. wh
kill with her is heavily armed and highly trained. schools are on lockdown and we'll report any developth that may arrive. >> thank you. another big story at 6:00 tonight. president obama's state of the union address coming in just a few short hours. it is expected to be a blue print for his second term. the economy, gun right, a ten future in afghanistan are expected to take center stage. >> one addition has been made to the president's speech it will be a stern warning to the north korea in the defy combrants nuclear testing. but he is expected to focus on jobs and the economy. when the president comes to the capitol tonight for this annual ritual. >> the president of the united states! >> his message to republicans and democrats will be a time to focus on the economy and ways to help the middle class. he will make the case for raising taxes for the wealthy while providing tax breaks for job creation. he did not reveal much when asked about his speech today. >> but other topics you can expect are gun control and expect the president to repea
in new mexico did not. it went through a fake lockdown without telling students, parents or the police for that matter. students were terrified hiding under desks making plans to escape and calling moms and dads in panic. >> i felt scared. >> the school district admits they made a mistake, saying students should have been told it was a drill. >>> coming up at 6:00. a shooting in a popular edgewood park leave as teen dead and another seriously hurt. the latest on the investigation. if you need to buy your facebook friend a birthday gift , there is a new way to give. use a facebook gift card. we will have those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> this is going to cost a waitress her job. >> i don't understand why. >> reporter: if how much to tip leaves you stumped, wait until you hear the story of the waitress, the pastor and the receipt. >> reporter: pastor bell was part of a party of
. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, what pierce did get is solitary confinement, 23 hours a day in lockdown for two weeks and handcuffed during visits from his family. >> it would be the same as if they put a gag in the mouth of a ordinary hearing and speaking prisoner. >> reporter: the benefits of the ada are all around us every day. >> seventh street. walk sign is on. to cross seventh street. >> it's why we have these automobile crassing signals for folks who are visually impaired. it's why we have the cut aways in sidewalk for people who have mobility issues. according to the aclu, none of the adas provisions helped him while he was incarcerated despite repeated pleas from the attorney, caseworker and family. the lawsuit seeks damages, fees, and changes. >> to get the district of columbia to live up to its obligations towards disabled people. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the d.c. department of corrections said there will be no comment from the agency on the pending lawsuit. derrick ward, news 4. >>> a man charged with beating and killing his elderly wife is now in the hospital himself
. a nearby elementary school went on lockdown for an hour. >>> a father charged with a murder of his own toddler, but tonight, as peggy fox reports, the child's mother is suing a virginia doctor and a psychological professional group for the way they handled the case. >> mother of a toddler who was murdered is now suing a virginia psychologist. the mother says they were negligent when they told a judge that the baby's father was safe to have unsupervised visits with the baby. it was during one of those visits that the baby was drowned. >> he took my son, he stripped off all of his clothes, and he held him under water until he died. >> karen mccloud's son, prince, just learned to say the word, ball, when he was killed in october. last month, the boy's father, rams, of manassas was charged with first-degree murder in the boy's death. >> mr. rams walked into the psychological center and he essentially paid them to ignore evidence and to lie for him. >> mccloud filed a $20 million lawsuit against both the ashburn psychological services and margaret wong, who evaluated rams. neither wong
. >> a nearby elementary school was temporarily placed on lockdown until those teens were captured. >> to bowie now where a house was going to need major repair work after a different car barreled through a brick wall. no one was near at the time of the crash. the 40-year-old woman behind the wheel of the car was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say she was driving down a hill when she simply lost control. anita. >> the mother of a toddler whose father is charged with murdering him is now suing a virginia doctor and a psychological professional group in ashburn in how this case was handled. peggy fox joins us. does she blame this doctor for the child's death? >> the doctor did tell a judge thatway rahms could have unsupervised visits. >> my understanding is he took my son, he stripped off all of his clothes and held him under water until he died. >> kara's son just learned to say the word, ball, when he was killed in october. he was charged with first- degree murder in the boy's drowning death. rams has been a murder suspect before. >> mr. rams has a long his
about campus protection such as cameras, lighting and lockdown procedures. about two dozen parents were there. some of them insisted each school should have at least one resource officer on campus. >>> it's a done deal, american airlines and u.s. airways will merge to create the world's biggest airline. but what does it mean for ticket prices and how about your dividend miles? jim is at reagan international airport with answers. >> so many questions. this is big. as we've seen with other airline mergers, nothing is going to happen overnight. with a dominant presence, a dominant combined presence already by both airlines here at reagan national, federal regulators may force increased competition here, which could be good news for local travelers. it's expected to take months for this deal to gear up. but for passengers who like to fly out of reagan national, observers say it could bring more options. not only domestically, but to places like latin america and the caribbean. still tonight some seasoned travelers don't necessarily think bigger is better. >> american is -- my experience wit
.i.t. turns out to be a hoax. the campus went on lockdown, after officers received a tip about a man wearing body armor and having a long rifle. m.i.t. sent two text messages, telling students to stay indoor, reports of activity. the prankster ip address was traced to new york. >>> justice today for an african american nurse who said she was switched to another unit because of her race. >> this situation in the neonatal icu was triggered by conduct not within policies. >> the nurse said the father went to her supervisor and said he did not want black nurses caring for his child. the hospital allegedly agreed to his request, even putting up this note to tell other employees that were african american to stay away. hospital officials are investigating the incident. the facility has settled with the nurse who is now back at work. >>> all right. let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods. this may go down in the record books. i'd love to see some numbers on this. as maybe one of the foggiest, grayest winters i've ever seen. >> it is. it's se
trained to respond to a shooting. it's called alice and it stands for alert, lockdown, inform, encountered and evacuate. lyanne melendez got exclusive access to a recent training session at san jose city college. >> lockdown. >> it means that an intruder is on campus. >> open the door, where are you? >> this is how they deal with an active shooter. >> i'm home dear, open the door! >> the people behind the door tried to barricade, a waste basket to keep the intruder from coming in. >> people will survive. people will act appropriately if we give them guidance and give them permission to do so and that is what this is about. >> a texas based company called response option says training people beyond the duck and cover mode. teach them going as far as confronting the gunman. >> he is playing the role of the active gunman. they are learning three fundamental things. run, hide and fight. >> sean is a teacher at the high school and convinced his school district to take the two-day course. he will now train other teachers. >> when you become a parent, perspectives change. i don't look at them as
fired from that vantage point. the school, though, has not been evacuated and is not on lockdown. i'll repeat, the school has not been evacuated and is not on lockdown. we'll work to get more information on that and bring it to you right here. well, if nnl new jersey governor chris christie thought that getting out front on his weight issue and laughing about it on late night would silence his critics, well, it didn't work. instead the tough-talking republican who famously downed a donut on letterman has brought on a firestorm of talk. does his weight weigh heavy on his political future? joining us now live is michael simons, the statehouse reporter for the asbury press, and he is the author of chris christie, the inside story of his rise to power. just before the governor's late night appearance, it gives him this all-time high favorability rating. 70% of voters in your state like him. even a majority of democrats. the weight is not holding him back in new jersey. does it make a difference on a national stage? >> aink that becomes one of the first conversations he has to have almos
schools, in yuma, arizona, now on lockdown right now. the lockdown, of course, the students all being held in a certain classroom, location, until folks down on the ground can figure out whether or not it's safe for students to move around. we are told that this is a precautionary measure because police are investigating a report of a possible, possible sighting of a student with a gun at rancho viejo elementary school according to the yuma police department. other schools involved on lockdown. rancho viejo, elementary school. a nearby school, and another school, three schools where those students not allowed to join classrooms or location while police are investigating the reports of seeing a student potentially a student with some sort of weapon, some sort of gun. we are going to be following this story to just try to get a sense of what's happening on the ground with three schools in yuma, arizona. as soon as we get more details, we'll bring that to you. >>> also today, it would have been trayvon martin's 18th birthday. man charged with killing him is back in court. lawyers for george z
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